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Being away from home is not easy and requires management and good planning to make sure your house is as welcoming as it was when you left it.

When my wife and I lived in France, our job would send us away from home all the time. Indeed, Anne and I have been working in the airline industry, for Air France, for many years. We have flown to numerous countries and have had to rely on relatives to take care of our property while we were away.

As a result, home watch and property management have always been at the center of our lives. As you surely know, finding trustworthy people to take care of your home is not easy. Too many times we spent our spare time preparing and fixing the house in anticipation of our next flight.

When our life brought us to move to West Palm Beach last year, after more than 20 years spending every holiday we had going to Florida, we realized how many people struggled to take care of their property.

As we transitioned from France to Florida, we had to take care of both our houses, which further increased our experience in property management. Most home watch services do not realize that every home is different, from the environment it is in to the owner’s preferences and habits.

As a result, we decided to start a property management and concierge services company, which focuses on meeting the unique needs of each home owner, with the goal to take care your home like we cherished ours.

To contact us, you can email my wife Anne, who speaks English, French, German, and Spanish, at anne@ac-propertymanagement.com or visit our “Contact Us” page and we will happily prepare a personalized plan fitting your needs and the ones of your home.

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